Historical Notes

The Vini San Giorgio co-operative winery was established at the initiative of the 47 founder members who set up the winery on 8 November 1951.

The opening words of the parchment placed, with the first stone, in the foundations of the cellar building states, "To safeguard the vine, for the economic advancement of agricultural workers between Pinzano and Valvasone..."

The author of those words highlights the aims and intentions of the founder members, and in fact the policies of the time are still those that guide and inspire the production and commercial strategies of the Vini San Giorgio winery today.

Currently, the co-operative has more than 300 members, who can count on ever more specialised cultivation techniques, ever more modern equipment and an ever attentive eye on vine training methods, contribute fruit that embodies that qualities and characteristics of the renowned vineyards of the "Friuli Grave" DOC zone.

Vini San Giorgio co-operative winery

The image of Saint George, the emblem of our co-operative winery, recalls the ancient legend of the dragon-slaying saint. Symbolically, it also represents the hard but successful struggle of the area's farmers against the unfavourable elements of Nature.

The vineyards of the co-operative's members are in the "Grave" zone, a territory along the Tagliamento river characterised by well-drained, stony, gravel-rich soil of alluvial and glacial origin.
It is thanks to their commitment and ceaseless attempts at clonal and varietal selection that the producers of the area have been able to discover and release the flavours, perfumes and aromas that the stones of the Grave concealed.

After careful vinification with cutting-edge technology, we at the Vini San Giorgio winery are proud to present our range of wines, in the hope that they will satisfy the expectations of the world's most sophisticated palates.

Vini San Giorgio
co-operative winery